The IPS Parish Leadership and Management Programs are founded on an already established body of INSPIRE research and will be dedicated to learning, testing, and documenting processes that grow vibrant, mission-focused Catholic parish communities.

IPS Parish Leadership and Management Programs Promote Educational Experiences that Aid in:

  • Effective pastor performances
    • Cultivating competencies of pastor and staff
    • Best practices of pastoral leadership
    • How to balance spiritual and corporal realities
  • Effective lay ministers and critical lay-ecclesial ministries
  • Forming and nurturing parishioner leaders
  • Pastoral strategies that grow parish life and Catholic mission
  • Dealing with difficult transitions

Theological inquiry

  • Exploring communities of Word, Worship, and Service following Christ, responding to the Spirit’s call
  • Practical theology applied to today’s pastoral leadership challenges
    • The nature and mission of the local parish community
    • Parish in relationship to local and universal Church
  • Toward Catholic identity, mission and vision
  • Parishes engaging community, society, and world
  • Church and parish in transition

It is quite remarkable that INSPIRE has focused on those devoting their lives to ministry. It is gratifying to be seriously considered for the work we as a pastoral staff are accomplishing.

Pastor, Chicago North Side parish